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Rise Up

So, I’m working on my playlist for my friend of my top favorite thirteen songs, and I’m happy to say I’ve got it down to forty-nine songs.  So…progress.

One problem I’m having is that I’m battling with songs that I’ve loved for years versus new songs I recently just discovered.  For example, I originally added Andra Day’s song “Rise Up,” but I only recently discovered it.  So do I include that as one of my all time favorites when who knows if it will stay with me for years to come?  Sometimes I fall in love with songs and they stand the test of time, but others are mere flings that I move on after a few months (or weeks, lets be real).

The thing I love about this song is how timeless it is and the purity of Andra Day’s vocals. It’s a powerful song, uplifting, and takes me to another planet.  I always get shivers when she sings the “for you” parts during the chorus.

It’s also a fun song to sing.  I’m actually convinced I can hit those high notes she sings at the end of the chorus, and I’m a man with a deep baritone voice (like, in her octave range, not transposed down).  But it’s fun to channel that strong energy and sing it.

So, for now, it’s still in the mix as one of the forty-nine.  It may be eliminated on a technicality because some of the other songs have a longer tenure in my music past…we’ll see.  I’ll obviously post the final thirteen song playlist, but who knows if that will happen… my brain may actually melt from thinking/stressing about it.


Top 13

My friend and I are both music lovers, but the funny thing is we have almost the exact opposite taste in music.    For almost ten years I’ve tried to understand what he likes to listen to, and I’m sure he’s been doing the same.  We got to talking recently and thought perhaps the best way of understanding what the other likes would be to create a playlist of our favorite songs or songs that demonstrate our music taste the best.  The caveat is the playlist has to be thirteen songs.  So it’d be the length of a decent album.  It’s quite exciting.

The problem: I currently have eighty-seven songs in my playlist.  And I can’t get rid of one song…they all feel so essential.

So you can imagine how my evening is going.