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DJ Mike D

I remember last year I kept hearing a remix on the radio of Gotye’s song “Somebody I Used to Know,” and I was obsessed with it.  After extensive googling, I found that it was DJ Mike D who was behind the amazing remake.  Since then, I’ve heard his remakes of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break” and Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” on the radio.

I decided to check out DJ Mike D’s soundcloud, and my God, I think I found heaven.  This person is so talented in keeping the original integrity of the song, but enhancing them or making them more interesting to listen to.  In fact, I think his remake of “All of Me” by John Legend is better than the dance remix that they play on the radio:

And I don’t know why Jennifer Lawrence says she can’t sing (actually, she says she’s a tone-deaf Amy Winehouse who has bronchitis), because I think her voice is great in “The Hanging Tree.”  Listen to DJ Mike D’s remix, it’s phenomenal:

I’m going to leave you with a couple more remakes done by the talented DJ Mike D… At the moment I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much remixes I need to listen to…

P.S. I think he really improved T. Swift’s song “22;” the faster tempo really translate better to celebratory nature of the song. I must warn you though, once you listen to this version, you will not enjoy the original as much:

2015 Grammy Predictions

It’s that time of year again.  In one month, the Grammys will announce the nominees for the 57th Grammys.  I really get into watching the Grammys and predicting who will get nominated and who will win (and I am actually pretty good at it).  While sometimes it feels like the Grammys are rigged and sometimes I wonder how some songs even get nominated, I think they occasionally do a good job at honoring great music .  For me, the Grammys are a great way to be introduced to new music and/or different genres.  I’m in the process of creating my list of potential nominees, so I will update/edit this as I think of nominees, but look out for the real list December 5th!

I base my nomination predications on looking at past actions of the Academy and looking at past nominees; I’m not predicting nominations because I personally think they’re awesome (some of them I actually don’t), but because they’re just likely to get chosen.

Below are some categories with potential nominees as I think of them (there is no order, and I’m not capping the nominees at 5 like the Grammys will…I’m good, but not that good).  Again, it’s not who I think will or should be nominated, it’s more a list of who could be and has a good shot at being nominated, and it’s not a complete list because I haven’t finished thinking about it, so it will grow/be edited until the actual nominations are released .

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“Brood”-ing for New Music

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Lorde’s music and can’t stop listening to Pure Heroine and The Love Club EP.  When she released “Yellow Flicker Beat” from the new Hunger Games Soundtrack, I was overjoyed because we finally had new Lorde music.  BUT IT ISN’T ENOUGH.  I find Lorde’s music irresistible from her clever, deep lyrics to her husky, almost standoffish (I know that’s not the right word, forgive me) voice to the incredible beats made by producer Joel Little.

Then I realized, maybe the key wasn’t waiting for new music by Lorde, but looking for more music produced by Joel Little.  This is not to suggest Lorde could be replaced, but hey if he produced both Pure Heroine and The Love Club EP, he has to hold some of the magic.

So I did some research and stumbled upon this group named Broods, which he also co-wrote and produced the whole album (#yay).  I listened to it on Spotify, and I am an instant fan.  Their music is not the same as Lorde, but it holds the same spirit of just being so insanely clever and incredible.  I think I’m becoming a fan of Joel Little and hope one day to work with him or just be able to see him work because so far his work is outstanding.

Take a listen to Evergreen, the Broods’ new album, you will not be sorry:

Apple Picking Playlist

Whenever my family and I do something and take a road trip, I always make a cd with different songs.  Since we’re going apple picking tomorrow, I made this playlist for our ride, so I thought I’d share…especially because it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged…this semester is legit killing me (#stressed).  Normally I put upbeat/happy songs and a wide range of genres on the playlists for my family so there’s something for everyone, but I think I kind of dropped the ball on this one.  Oh well. I’m an artist.

If you’re wondering why I randomly added “Ew!,” the Jimmy Fallon skit/song, my family like Jimmy Fallon…so it was meant as a joke…although I do think the song is actually quite good because of will.i.am’s production.  Plus, Jimmy Fallon rapping as a teenage girl is hilarious.

Let Them Talk

I just read an article from Billboard magazine reviewing Pure Heroine by Lorde, and they commended her for the opening line “Don’t you think how it’s boring how people talk?” on the first track, “Tennis Court.”  Which is great, but they then noted the last line of the last track, “A World Alone,” is “Let them talk.”  Their praise came for the fact that she linked the opening lyric to the closing lyric:

“Don’t you think how it’s boring how people talk?”


“Let them talk”

And I had not realized that until now.  And my mind is blown.  That is just so clever, I’m amazed that she did that.

I thought I’d share so you can have your minds blown as well…back to studying…

Lorde is a Legend and Ed Sheeran is the Man

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been to three concerts in the past three days.  I got to see Lorde, Sky Ferreira, and Ed Sheeran in concert, and each was just mind-blowing to see.  Because I’m a broke college student and concert tickets are so expensive, I usually only go to concerts where I absolutely 100% love every single song the person sings.  Which basically means I’ve only seen Taylor Swift in concert.  When I heard Lorde was coming to Boston, I just thought “why not?” I mean, I really like her music (I’ve been listening to The Love Club EP and Pure Heroine on repeat these past couple weeks).  She was playing at Boston Calling, an annual music festival Boston puts on.  The ticket is kind of expensive ($85-ish) but it gets you into a day of a ton bands, games, and “free things” (I got three pairs of sunglasses for “free”! (I say “free” because essentially part of my ticket went to paying for them)).  And you get this cool wrist band so you can come and go from the festival, which allows you to explore Boston when bands you don’t know/like are playing.  So the day I was going, Lorde was going to perform as well as Sky Ferreira, whose music I recently discovered and have quite enjoyed.

When I got to the festival, Sky Ferreria was beginning her set, and I must say that girl can sing.  I was kind of skeptical because her vocals on her album Night Time, My Time have a lot of effects on them, so I thought she would be a bit pitchy.  But, no, this girl can belt out those tunes.  It was fantastic.  She didn’t do much but stand there and sing, but she really didn’t need to.  It was breathtaking, the bass beating loud and the drums vibrating against my soul.  Even I, the guy who has never danced in public in his life, joined in the mosh pit.  Yes, it was that good.

Then there was a five hour delay until Lorde…we were evacuated because of the weather…it’s actually a long, epic story for another time.  But, it was worth the wait.

I know Lorde is only seventeen and only just started out in her career, but her performance was so spectacular it was legendary.  The lights flash, and she’s dancing/headbanging (her hair flips are something else) and she’s just owning every single song.  It was just so thrilling to see her bring her songs to life.  What I enjoyed the most was that she didn’t sing the songs like they are on her record.  She made them slightly different.  The best was her performance of “Team.”  I can’t really explain what she did, but she made it a total dance number…it was just so incredible.  Without a doubt, I would see Lorde in concert again.  I wish her set was longer than fifty minutes, though…

Now, I just got home from Ed Sheeran.  I’ve seen him in concert before, but man what a talented guy he is.  He’s a one man band, where he strums his guitar/smacks his guitar to make drum beats/sings sounds and puts them on loop.  It was inspiring as a musician to see.  But really I thought was great was how he connected with his audience.  He talked with us like he was talking to  us personally…like, I felt it was just me and Sheeran (in a not creepy way).  He told us a story about how he saw a chicken get run over by a car, and then he essentially watch the chicken die…so he wrote a song about it.  Then he played the song for us.  I’m not even joking.

At one point a girl screamed out “I LOVE YOU” and he actually stopped playing and looked up at her and smiled and said something like “wouldn’t it be funny if that was on the recording.”

He started off the show saying “I want you guys to sing these words as loud as possible. If you don’t know the words, make them up.  You’re not doing it right unless you lose your voice.”

I have a boatload of pictures/videos I can/want to share, but it requires me to do some editing/uploading and I don’t quite have the time yet…look for that in the coming weeks (#busycollegestudent)

The Album Curator: Lorde’s MockingJay

Yesterday, Lorde tweeted out that she’d be taking on the responsibility of “curating” the new soundtrack for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie.

She also revealed that she and her producer/co-writer Joel Little would be writing and releasing the first single off the soundtrack (yay!).

Which leads to two very important points: Lorde is making and releasing new music, and what the heck is an album curator? Continue reading