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Table 19

I was strolling through my Facebook feed when one of my friend’s posted the trailer for the upcoming movie, Table 19.  Usually I just flick past stuff like that, but I found myself watching it.  And I got to say it looks hilarious, can’t wait to see it.

The movie stars Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, Stephen Merchant, and other people I don’t know who are all invited to a wedding begrudgingly and who the  hosts hoped would not show up.  They’re seated at the worst table at the wedding, and they seem to form a gang and get a long.  It’s an odd assortment of people, but the way they bond (in the trailer), looks great.

Taylor Swift Brings Back “Smelly Cat” (!!!)

I woke up early this morning and for some reason had the urge to check Twitter.  It was as if the gods were telling me something amazing had happened.  And I saw that Taylor Swift had brought out Lisa Kudrow (as Phoebe Buffay) on her latest show of the 1989 World Tour to play “Smelly Cat.”

I don’t know how long this clip will last on Youtube (they’re bound to pull it down), but Taylor Swift introduces Kudrow as a “singer [who] has only performed in coffee houses before…this is Phoebe Buffay.”  Phoebe finally made it!

They then proceeded to recreate this scene from Friends:

Now, I’m happy to report, “smelly cat” is a top trending topic on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s crazy to think after like twenty years, people still remember Phoebe and her songs.

If you want to see more clips/read more about it, click here.


I found a clip of the whole performance: