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Hide & Seek

It’s been a while since I posted a playlist, and I’m not entirely sure anyone has actually listened to any of them besides myself, but I thought it be fun to post what kind of stuff I’ve been listening to lately.  When I started tweeting out #PhillipsSongOfTheDay with a song title (it’s been a while, forgive me), I started keeping keeping a list of those songs (which you can peruse here).  It’s been interesting to see how my taste in music/listening patterns have changed over time; it seemed to reflect what I was going through in life.  Recently, I’ve been getting into alternative and some indie rock music (which is something I never thought I’d get into).  I mean, the playlist below doesn’t really portray that because there are still some big pop numbers in there, but I think it does show my slow transition into the alternative taste.

Kimbra’s Vows

I’m slightly obsessed with Kimbra’s debut studio album Vows.  Ever since Gotye and Kimbra’s hit song “Somebody I Used to Know” (which won two Grammys, including Record of the Year), I’ve heard that Vows was an incredible album.  But I really didn’t listen to it much because, well, I was being lazy.  But then I decided to skip around through it and I got to say she’s talented.

The first thought I had to describe her song “Good Intent” was that it is “funky” and “weirdly good.”  Now, I don’t use the word “weird” in a negative way, it’s just her music is different from what I’m used to or what I expected from her.  She uses different syncopations and rhythms and plays with different vocalizations to create a new experience for listeners.  In the case of “Good Intent,” the beats the acoustic bass plays on, plus the horn sound gives the song it’s “funk.”  I also admire the way Kimbra hits those really low notes; she has an incredible vocal range.

Further, right from the first second of the first song “Settle Down,” we hear the different beats she creates vocally, which grabs the listener in (and makes you sing along to the beat).  Also, her song “Warrior” literally sounds like it came from the 1980s.  The drum beats and synths give you this retro feel, which is a cool way to end the album (although the song does end rather abruptly).  I must admit that I needed to give Vows multiple chances, and after a couple of listens, the music started to sink in.  But think about it as a glass of wine, you can’t just gulp it down, it takes delicate sips.  I think this is a new level of music, and Vows is definitely worth a listen.