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Minor Details

I know I already wrote about this song, but I noticed a tiny element in “Too Little Too Late” by JoJo that kind of made me like the song even more.

First, the main reason I like this song is that I think it has a really catchy chorus; a real ear worm.  So, if you listen to the first two choruses (starting at 0:46 and 1:44 (they’re the same, so you can just listen to one)), they’re pretty solid.  Then listen to the last chorus (2:43).  It’s almost identical as the first two, except at 2:50 she does this “WOOP” sound that echoes in the background for like two seconds…it almost sounds like a dog barking.

At first, I thought it was odd that they would add that tiny vocalization.  But then I thought it was almost like a cheer of triumph.  Like, she reached the realization that she was over this person, it was too late for them to come back to her and she was cheering herself for becoming stronger.  There was this sense of freedom in that tiny element.  Which just shows, no matter how minor a detail can be, it can still have an impact on a song.

Too Little Too Late

I’d consider myself an audiophile.  I mean, I had to buy the maximum allowable storage for my phone so I could store the entirety of my music library – you never know what musical mood you’ll be in when you’re on the go – and even then it doesn’t fit everything.  So when I was setting up my music library on my new computer (which took a long time), I decided to weed through it and get rid of songs/albums I haven’t listened to or won’t listen to anymore.  I have this habit of collecting as much music as possible, so it creates a giant library and then it causes setting up the library a huge project.


So, I was going through my collection and I found The High Road by JoJo, particularly her song “Too Little Too Late.”  I honestly don’t remember how I obtained the song or the album, but it’s becoming one of my favorite songs.  It has a infectious and irresistible chorus that’s been stuck in my head and struck a note in my soul.

When I first heard the chorus, I felt a kinship to JoJo.  One of the best moments you can have is when you finally find a song that says exactly how you’ve been feeling.  That’s the power of music: it can capture our emotions and moods and unite us in an almost magical process.  I can’t say the specifics JoJo provides in the song are exactly what’s going on in my life, but the overall emotion of being fed up with someone and moving past them because they’re not making much of an effort is something that I totally relate to.

So now I’m digging through the rest of my music library to see whatever gems have been hiding away.