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Biking/Work Out Playlist

I may have mentioned a couple times this past summer, like every summer, that I’ve been biking a lot.  There’s a great bike path right down the street from me, so it’s great to blare the music and peddle my problems away.  Usually I create a playlist each year, and then add or remove songs throughout the year.

I created a Spotify Playlist of some of the music I listen to while biking/working out in case you’re looking for some new beats or a song to change up your playlist.

NOTE: There’s no particular order because I just hit “shuffle” before I start biking.


Here’s other songs that I usually listen to, but couldn’t find on Spotify:

Tom’s Diner

Who remembers this song?

It took me forever to figure out what the name of that song is.  I was listening to Fall Out Boys song “Centuries” on the radio, and I heard the hook from the song above and knew I heard it somewhere before.  I was like “that’s a 90s song, I know it, but I can’t remember who sang it or where the song came from….#frustrated.

Finally, after some research I found/discovered the song I was thinking of is “Tom’s Diner” by Susanne Vega, which actually is a late 80s song, but we can round it up to the early 90s.  I thought I’d share in case any of you were plagued with the same frustration I was.  Listen to the Fall Out Boy song below to hear what I’m talking about:

Your Snow Shoveling Playlist

With today’s blizzard-like snow here in the arctic, here’s my snow shoveling playlist.  It helps plow through the snow and stay positive that spring is almost here (hopefully):

  1. Closer” – Tegan & Sara
  2. Where Is My Mind?” – Pixies
  3. 10538 Overture” – Electric Light Orchestra
  4. Just Dance” – Lady Gaga
  5. Bad Romance [the Skrillex Remix]” – Lady Gaga
  6. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together  – Taylor Swift
  7. The Monster [feat. Rihanna]” – Eminem
  8. Viva la Vida” – Coldplay
  9. Bass Down Low” – Dev
  10. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” – Fall Out Boy