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For a while I’ve been hearing about Amy Schumer talking about filming a movie with Goldie Hawn in Hawaii.  They finally released the trailer for the movie, entitled Snatched.  It appears the movie is about Schumer convincing her mom (Hawn) to go on a trip to South America, where they are kidnapped, or, rather, “snatched.”  I generally like Schumer’s stuff – it’s a bit on the disgusting side for me (e.g. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the movie that scene where she’s cleaning her privates is heavily focused on), but on the whole it’s usually worth a good chuckle.  So I am pretty intrigued by the movie.  I’m still waiting for her movie she wrote with Jennifer Lawrence.  That’ll be great.

Trainwreck Not Wrecking My Day

I will admit that going in to see Amy Schumer’s movie Trainwreck I was expecting to regret spending the money.  Ticket prices are so expensive now that if I go to the movies, it has to be for something I know will be worth the cost, and I thought that while Trainwreck may have some funny bits, it, on the whole, would be rather awkward.  And I now will happily admit that I was completely wrong.  While it did have it’s awkward moments, it was a rather sweet love story that overpowered the uncomfortable bits.

The movie starts out showing Schumer in many different sexual relationships.  There’s especially one scene that leaves very little to the imagination.  If you’ve seen the movie…you know exactly what I’m talking about.  While she’s dating around, she works at a magazine where she is assigned an article to write about a sports doctor (Bill Hader).  So, she starts to follow him around and interview him, and they end up getting drunk at dinner one night and sleeping together.  The next day,  she’s shocked with herself for actually enjoying her time with him and not sure what to do, while he is at breakfast with Lebron James (who really stole the show) talking about his new “girlfriend.”  In any event, they start dating, and there’s a point where she’s walking through Central Park with her sister (played by Brie Larson) where she’s hyperventilating/crying because she “really likes him.”  Their relationship goes through ups and downs, and I don’t want to give away anything, but I will say the way the movie ended was so funny and absolutely perfect.

Trainwreck is a rare movie that will make you cry not just because you’re laughing so hard.  Yes it has it’s raunchy moments, but it’s coupled with a lot of heartwarming and endearing moments that make up for it.  It also goes beyond the scope of traditional romantic comedies of two people falling in love in a small town and kissing in the rain.  While there’s some of that in there, Schumer made it more real and different.  For instance, there’s a scene in the beginning where John Cena is telling her he loves her and wants to marry her, and they start to play this soft romantic-comedy-piano music in the background and you half expect her to lean and kiss him and say she wants the same thing.  Instead, she looks at him and goes “I want to leave right now, but I don’t want to make it a thing” (that’s not a direct quote, but it was along those lines).  Like, it’s what we’re all thinking she should do and she does it instead of following a traditional mold.  If you’re on the fence about seeing Trainwreck, I would recommend it.  I mean, keep in mind it is an adult movie and that there is some adult themes in there, but I think it was a great story to watch.


Inside Amy Schumer

The other night I decided to watch an episode of Inside Amy Schumer.  I’ve been meaning to check it out because I like Amy Schumer; I think she has great confidence and  personality.   I find the show to be intriguing because she provides different skits, a sample of her stand up, and street interviews with strangers (which are hilarious) instead of a straight up sitcom.  Some of these skits can be more awkward than funny, but I think she’s got some real gems.  I personally like when she does skits that make fun of other shows.  Like, she had a skit of her being on a show called “Sauced” with was a spoof of Chopped where drunk chefs have to cook using specific ingredients from their basket.  In that episode, her opponent made some fancy salad and Amy made mayonnaise (yes, she found mayonnaise and spooned it on a plate, it was quite funny).  And she did a version of Say Yes to the Dress  called Say Fine to the Shirt.

Anyway, I found some skits on YouTube that I enjoyed so I decided to share them.  One of my favorites is when she stays at a pretentious hotel.  I  saw a video of her doing standup where she told a story of her  staying at a W Hotel and how she thought it was ridiculous because they gave their facilities such minimalistic names, in particular they named their gym Sweat.  So in the clip, Amy goes to a U Hotel which has a pool they call Soak and an elevator called Soar.


Comedy #PhillipRadio

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of different comedians on Spotify.  Originally I just wanted to listen to the comedy album Amy Schumer made, but the thing about the free Spotify App for iPod is that it only plays on shuffle, which weirdly means they will play other artists who you did not want to hear.  Well, this may have been a blessing because I’ve been able to discover more comedy acts and I made a playlist of some the funnier acts I heard.  Enjoy!

Amy Schumer

My new year’s resolution this past year was to laugh every day for a year, which is a lot easier than you’d think.  I recently started getting into searching YouTube and Spotify for different comedians and just being either grossed out by them (some of them don’t know when to shut up) or be laughing hysterically (which is awkward when I’m at work at the library putting books away…).

One of my friends posted a video on Facebook of Amy Schumer playing “air double dutch” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and I thought it was kind of funny and weird.  On the side where YouTube has the suggested videos, there was one of Amy Schumer doing standup with the title “I’m not shallow, I’m just really pretty,” which I thought was intriguing so I watched it.  Long story short, I ended up searching YouTube for more videos of Amy Schumer.  Here are some clips that I found that I thought were hilarious; she really knows how to tell a great story.  Enjoy!

Amy Schumer on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

Amy Schumer on Ellen: