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Record of the Year 2017

The nominees for Record of the Year are:

  • “Hello” by Adele
  • “Formation” by Beyoncé
  • “7 Years” by Lukas Graham
  • “Work” by Rihanna feat. Drake
  • “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

Who Should Win: “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

I would be totally fine with Beyoncé, Adele, or Twenty One Pilots winning Record of the Year, but as a fake Grammy voter I cast my ballot for “Stressed Out” because find the instrumentation of it great – the synthesis string work is a real ear-grabber, and the rapped verses and sung chorus really work.

Who Will Win: “Hello” by Adele

Again, I predict Adele will win all her nominations simply because she doesn’t typically lose.  But, hey, “Hello” is an incredible record.

Album of the Year 2017

2016 was a great year for albums – we got new Adele music (finally!), Beyoncé brought us the glorious Lemonade, and so much more.

The nominees for Album of the Year:

  • 25 – Adele
  • Lemonade – Beyoncé
  • Purpose – Justin Bieber
  • View – Drake
  • A Sailor’s Guide to Earth  – Sturgill Simpson

Who Should Win: Lemonade by Beyoncé

It feels like every time Beyoncé drops an album, it becomes a critically acclaimed masterpiece, and she gets nominated for Album of the Year.  This certainly was the case fore I Am…Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé, and now for Lemonade.  And yet, she has never won.  Indeed, after her loss in 2015 to Beck’s Morning Phase, a lot of people  were upset (granted, Beck has been around in the indie rock scene for a while, so his win isn’t totally random).  However, with Lemonade, Beyoncé steps up her game and provides a whole visual experience.

Who Will Win: Probably 25 by Adele

I would not be surprised if Beyonce did win, but I feel like the Grammy’s tend to favor Adele, which technically isn’t wrong – 25 did break records (it sold over 3 million copies in one week, has sold over 10 million copies to date, etc.), and it is a solid album that discusses Adele’s next chapter in her life.

Song of the Year Prediction

Song of the Year is perhaps one of my favorite categories at the Grammys because they honor the songwriter.  Far too often, songwriters are not credited fairly for their work, which doesn’t make sense as there would be no song if it weren’t for the songwriter.

This year, the nominees are:

  • Khalif Brown, Asheton Hogan, Beyoncé Knowles, and Michael L. Williams II for “Formation” by Beyoncé.
  • Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin for “Hello” by Adele
  • Mike Posner for “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner
  • Justin Bieber, Benjamin Levin, and Ed Sheeran for “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber
  • Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Pilegaard, and Morten Ristorp for “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

Who Should Win: Mike Posner for “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner

The original version of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” is incredibly beautiful.  It has the timeless sound to it, grabs at your heart, and you truly feel Posner’s pain.  Out of all the nominees, Posner crafted a world that his listeners travel into, and leave feeling feeling his emptiness and loneliness.  Yes, it’s not a fun experience, but it’s one that leaves me with goosebumps every time.

Who Will Win: Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin for “Hello” by Adele

It’s not that I think Adele doesn’t deserve to win the Grammy – “Hello” is indeed a gorgeous song – I simply think “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” captured Posner’s pain a bit better.  However, out of these songs nominated, I believe “Hello” was the biggest of 2016.  Adele dominated the charts, and she is indeed incredibly talented.  She has a Grammy-winning streak – she’s won every Grammy she has won since she released 21 in 2011.  So, it seems inevitable that she will win again.

2017 Record of the Year Nominations Prediction

The 2017 Grammy nominations announcement is just a few weeks away – December 14th – so here are yet more of my predictions, this time for Record of the Year:

  • “Hello” – Adele
  • “7 Years” – Lukas Graham
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
  • “Cheap Thrills” – Sia featuring Sean Paul
  • “Closer” – The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

An Evening with Adele

My journey to see Adele live in concert started last December.  It was a bit of battle getting to the seats, but it was on life-changing night and well worth the fight.

This was how close I was to Adele! The eyes in the background stayed closed and then when she rose up form the stage the opened.

This was how close I was to Adele! The eyes in the background stayed closed and then when she rose up form the stage the opened.

I had managed to get a pair of ticketless tickets to the show about a year before the actual event.  The idea behind the ticketless tickets is that you use your credit card as your ticket to get in the event to prevent scalping.  You can’t sell the tickets and you can’t transfer them to anyone else.  Whoever purchases the tickets has to go to the event – you are required to show id with your credit card.  It doesn’t sound terrible unless your credit card company cancels your card a month before the show because there was a hack and issues you a new card with a new number and instructs you to destroy the card you used to buy the tickets and you do it forgetting that it was your ticket to the concert because you bought the tickets a year ago.

That happened to me.

It’s a rather long story, but let’s just say it was lucky I had realized that had happened a month before the concert because it literally took the month to fight with Ticketmaster to get them to change the card number.  Even when I went, I was only 90% sure it would work – I had gotten a cryptic email the night before from customer service that said I was all set except they referenced the wrong card information.

So, there I was, waiting in line to get my card swiped to enter the arena, basically on the verge of freaking out.  The guy took my card, swiped it, and didn’t work.  He did it again.  Didn’t work.  He swiped it a different way.  No good.  At this point, I was marshaling my energy not to have a melt down right there in front of a massive crowd.  He then punched the number of my card into his little machine, and miraculously the tickets printed.  He looked up at me, laughed, and said “don’t worry, you’re not the only one who was nervous it wouldn’t work.”

Honestly, they must rig the machines not to work when you swipe just to get you nervous.  If you ever are considering buying ticketless tickets, take it from me and just…don’t.

Regardless of my troubles getting into the show, the night was absolutely spectacular.  We got an email that said to arrive at 7:00 pm as Adele was going on promptly at 8:00 pm and there would be no opening act.  This was an evening with just us and Adele.

Adele singing "Hello."

Adele singing “Hello.”

I was so lucky with the seats.  I didn’t get floor seats, but a few rows up from the floor so I was almost right there at the stage Adele rose up from.  In most of the concerts I’ve gone to, I’m in the nose bleeds so the people on stage are like tiny little specks, but I legit could see Adele as though she was standing right in front of me (which, in a very real way, she was).  As you could imagine, she rose up from the stage singing “Hello.”  Which was a perfect opening…I mean, the anticipation of waiting a year to see her and the first thing we hear is “Hello, it’s me.”

About halfway through the song, she left the stage and walked through the crowd to the main stage up front to finish the song.  She performed the majority of the show up there – including an acoustic set inspired by Alison Krauss – before returning back to the stage in the middle of arena to descend back down into the stage.  Hearing Adele live is better than listening to her recordings, which is something hard to comprehend seeing how her records are so amazing already.

Adele on the main stage.

Adele on the main stage.

Right as the concert was about to start, the woman in front of me turned around and said “I have my tissues and my phone, I’m ready,” and that perfectly sums up the evening (the woman also alerted me that scrunchies are back in style, but I don’t know why…my hair is really short).  When we weren’t crying from the emotion of the songs, there were tears of laughter in our eyes from Adele’s talks between songs.  She so hilarious.  She performed three songs in a row – “Hello,” “Hometown Glory,” and “One and Only” – before she introduced herself (as if she needed to). The first thing she said was “Have you come for a great time? Well I’m afraid to say you have come to the wrong place.  It’s going to be pretty miserable. The songs, they’re pretty sad. I’m hoping you know who I am.  If you don’t know who I am, then you’re going to have a really shit night.  Because for the next two hours I’m going to sing sad love songs about me and my ex-boyfriends.”  Not only did these talks make us laugh, but it made us realize how real Adele is.  She interacted with members of the audience – something very few artists do.  She asked people if they got tickets for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and she found an audience member who was there on their birthday (it was the woman’s forty-third birthday – when Adele heard that she said “shut up, you’re forty-three?!  You look like you’re twenty-seven!”).  She then promptly sang “Happy Birthday” to her and made us join in.  Imagine being sung “Happy Birthday” by Adele. There was also a point when she finished singing a song and noticed a fan trying to take a selfie, so she bent down to be in their shot.  Apparently the person didn’t notice because she said “Hun, if you turn around, you could take a selfie with me, I don’t normally stand like this.”  So then of course everyone else want to take a selfie, so she did for different people around the stage, at one point saying “I must love you guys because my legs are killing me.”

My evening with Adele was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and best nights of my life.  She is so incredibly talented and it’s an immense privilege to experience her music first hand.

You’ll Never See Me Again

I was going about my business when I stumbled on this unreleased Adele song, “You’ll Never See Me Again.”  And it’s totally epic.  The drum beat and guitar/strings plus the way Adele sings the chorus is incredible.  I don’t know how long it will stay on YouTube, but listen to it while you can!


I was one of the lucky souls to get tickets to see Adele live in concert, and I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience.  She’s so incredible that she’s actually better live than in her recordings, which is hard to fathom since her recordings are mind blowing.  When we were not crying from the beauty of songs, we were crying from laughter from her talks between songs (she’s quite hilarious).


I do indeed to write more about the concert, but I’m just rather busy at the moment (thus the lack of posts).  So, more will come…eventually. I just have a paper due tonight for a class that I may or may not have started…#collegelife.

25 and Loving It

After four long years, we were finally grace with Adele’s new album, 25.  Adele has said that she was at first afraid that she would not be able to follow up her last album, 21, which was an enormous success and broke so many records (including being the first album since the advent of the internet and illegal downloading to be certified diamond (selling over ten million copies)).  This in addition to some personal issues probably caused the delay.  But it was worth the wait.

After finding peace with the fact that 25 may not live up to 21, Adele has said that writing became fun again like it did when she was writing her first album, 19.  Her album certainly shows her focusing on herself, her truths, and writing what she was experiencing: the transition into adulthood.  The album has a sense of yearning for simpler times but also a sense of acceptance towards the past.  The greatest growth Adele has made in these four years is that in 21 she was blaming a lot of her heartache on her ex-lover (who probably was to blame), but 25 shows Adele accepting that while he may be a jerk, she needs to move on with her life.  That she is in control.  (By the way, I have no idea if the same guy inspired both albums, I’m speaking in general of love: that when she was younger, she would blame love but now that she is older, she accepts it).

I don’t think Adele has anything to worry about in regards to 25 not living up to 21.  The album alone has been sitting in the iTunes top one or two spot for the month it was on preorder (an unusual feat) and is on track to sell well over a million copies in its first week (per Billboard).  Even still, her vocal work (which was already phenomenal) has seemed to grow as well.  Her voice seems to have grown warmer, slightly deeper and even more emotive, it such a thing was possible.

My favorite song after a quick listen through was definitely “Send My Love (to Your New Lover).”  The song, co-written with Max Martin and Shellback – the two masterminds behind some of Taylor Swift’s recent hits like “Shake it Off,” “Blank Space,” and “Bad Blood” and a ton of other hits (look up Max Martin’s writing/producing credits on Wikipedia, it’s literally every hit song since the ’90s…he’s a genius) – is quite upbeat for Adele.  It’s faster paced than we’re used to, but it’s amazing.  It starts off with this fantastic rhythmic guitar and drum beat.  The chorus is particularly infectious with the way she sings “lover” in the line “send my love to your new lover.”  It’s so un-Adele but it’s fantastic.  It’s not Adele trying to be someone she’s not, it’s her showing us a new side of herself.

“Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” was apparently supposed to be the lead single but Adele felt that “Hello” was a better representation of her album as a whole – she didn’t want people to think the whole album was entirely upbeat like “Send My Love (to Your New Lover),” which it isn’t.  Regardless, “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” should be a future single, as well as “When We Were Young” (which I think will be her next single), “Water Under the Bridge,” and “Remedy.”  The entire album is really full of glorious hits and I can’t see 25 not coming close or even surpassing 21.

UPDATE: 25 sold 3.378 million copies in it's first week on sale, which shattered the record of most albums sold in the U.S. in it's first week.  NSync sold 2.416 million copies in one week in 2000.  25 even went on to sell over a million copies in it's second, which I believe is the only album to do that. As of December 24th, 25 has sold 7.13 million copies.  That's in one month of sale!