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“I’m So Sad Right Now”

Buzzfeed always have great videos of random people doing random things.  I found these videos of where they made people try eating random things…their reactions are hilarious.

I thoroughly enjoy Buzzfeed’s gift of coming up with these random (yet slightly informative) videos.  But I do have to say, making people eat pickled pigs feet is kind of gross…and mean.

Pinterest Crafts

So, I was talking to someone a while ago about how great Pinterest is in terms of finding great crafting projects (should you want them).  Like, if you follow crafting/diy boards on Pinterest, they’ll pop in your feed: supposedly-easy crafting hacks right at your finger tips.

And then I found these Buzzfeed videos that basically proved the exact opposite.

It’s hilarious.

Saoirse Ronan Teachers YOU How to Make Tea

I found these series of videos Vanity Fair put on YouTube of different actresses showcasing secret talents.  There’s one where Jennifer Lawrence acted like a mime (she did this skit where she pretended to tie string to her lips and proceeded to pull her lips with the invisible string…cooler than it sounds).  Another showed Cate Blanchett doing the splits.

And Saoirse Roana made tea.  It’s actually quite funny and informative…I’ve been brewing tea wrong for so many years.

Perfectly Defined

selina 1One of the things I enjoy about the HBO show Veep is the fact that it has such a strong presence online.  I know there is a “Stop Selina Meyer” twitter account…I don’t know if it’s HBO who runs it, but it’s a great way of promoting the show.  They even made a campaign website for Selina Meyer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who plays Selina) made short campaign videos for it.  There are also a lot of discussions people have about different episodes, and each time I stumble across one of them I learn more about the show and how it’s crafted.

The other day, I found this discussion people were having about an episode in season four where Selina gives her first State of the Union address (SPOILER ALERT).  Naturally, the speech is a complete disaster: the teleprompter stops working because they’re editing the speech while Selina is supposed to be reading it only for them to put in the wrong edits and Selina announces the wrong spending plan (she promises to invest $60 billion on obsolete technologies when she intended to announce she was cutting $50 billion in the budget).  selina 2Anyway, she ends up telling her staff after the speech “This speech was supposed to perfectly define my presidency.” Someone pointed out in a discussion group that the speech did in fact perfectly define Selina’s presidency because her whole administration is a complete disaster.  So, the speech in the first episode foreshadows the entire season.  Which I just thought was a great point.

So, naturally, I’m thoroughly excited for season five to start….count down to April 24th

Jennifer Lawrence Will Make You Smile

If you’re having a long day, are stressed out, or just tired, watch the clips below.  They’re various recent interviews with Jennifer Lawrence and she just makes you laugh.  When I was studying for finals or exams, I (as well as a lot of people I went to school with) would take like a fifteen minute study break just search on YouTube “Jennifer Lawrence funny moments.” She’s just a down to earth person and she doesn’t take herself seriously.

Anyway, I saw these clips and they made me laugh…thought I’d share the wealth.

The Crapper

Do you ever just get a random thought?  Like, you’ll be going about your day, and then you remember something really random and strange.  I was just sitting here, when I recalled an watching an episode of Mike & Molly where I realized Billy Gardell’s character Mike kept referring to the bathroom as a “crapper.”  This is such an odd thought to have, but while they’re supposed to live in Chicago (I think), I was wondering if that was a midwest thing.  You know, like how some parts of the US refer to soda as pop or tonic.

On a whim, I decided to google “crapper.”  I’m not really sure what I was expecting to find, I was just bored.  Apparently there was a plumber in England in the late 1800s named Thomas Crapper who pioneered the use of indoor plumbing.

So do we call the bathroom “crapper” after Mr. Crapper who was one of the key people in engineering the bathroom?  Because I thought it was because it was the place where we, um, crap.

So, this is a very weird and random post.   But I thought it was funny and strangely thought provoking.  Or a waste of time.

It’s Been One Year!!!

Hey, so I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of the start of my blog, and a lot has happened.  I mean, I still hate snow (and I’m sitting through the second blizzard in a week), I still love music, and I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life.  Yeah, a lot has changed.  But I did want to take this time and thank anyone who is reading this and for following my random thoughts and opinions.  I really do appreciate it!  So here’s to another great year:

Sara Bareilles Sings Chandelier

I have a final tomorrow.  So naturally I’m spending my time surfing the web, googling random things, instead of actually studying…but I did manage to stumble across this video of Sara Bareilles covering Sia’s song “Chandelier,” which I thought was fantastic.  She says in the video that it is “fucking hard” to sing the song (which it is, I’ve tried multiple times), but I think she did a spectacular job.  Regardless, this is one of the few times I’ve watched a cover video from start to finish, so you know it’s good (that, or I’m just trying to procrastinate more).