Oh, Karen Walker, How We’ve Missed You.

It’s been ten years, but the cast of Will & Grace has come back together to do a scene – a mini-reunion if you will.  Now, it’s clear from the video, the reasons were clearly political – they’re not so subtly campaigning for Hillary Clinton while bashing Donald Trump.  Politics aside, I still think it’s great to travel down memory lane and see what our old friends are up to.  I find it impressive that even after ten years, the cast can manage to go back into their old roles as though no time has past.  I was particularly impressed by Megan Mullally’s performance – I for some reason thought she would’ve lost her Karen voice over the years, but she was spot on.  I also liked how the writers brought back the gags that we enjoyed throughout the series: the Just Jack hand gesture, Grace’s terrible singing, Karen being really old (i.e. the reference to the Lincoln-Douglas election being the biggest election of her life-time), Karen’s great zingers, and so much more.  Revivals, even ones as small as these, can go terribly wrong and they knocked it out of the park.

So here’s hoping Will & Grace is the next series Netflix revives.  Or, they should create the spinoff, Jack & Karen (I thought Jack and Karen were the best characters of the show anyway).  Hey, Netflix gave us more Gilmore Girls, why not more Will & Grace!

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