Acoustic Ghost

You might know Halsey from her feature on the current number one hit “Closer” by the Chainsmokers.  I discovered her music a few months ago (or perhaps it’s now a year? Hmm…time flies) when I somehow stumbled onto Badlands, her debut studio album (which is an incredible album).  The album features her song “Ghost,” which apparently was the song that gained her a following and eventually a record deal.

I’m not entirely sure how true the story is, but apparently she released a version of the song a few years ago independently – which I read was more of an acoustic version (again, not sure how true that is) – before she got signed and they reworked it into the electronic song it is now.  I was trying to find the original, demo version, and I found the audio to the following video that someone had stripped and said was the original – upon more research I realized it wasn’t the original but a performance she did for SiriusXM Radio presumably after she was signed.  Regardless, it’s intriguing to listen to the acoustic performance and compare it to the album version – it’s interesting how many different incarnations a song can take.

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