Eddie the Eagle

Are you in search of a good movie?  Boy, do I have one for you!  I just watched Eddie the Eagle and it was the perfect mixture of emotions that brought tears to my eyes and still made me laugh out loud.  It was so good I had to watch it again, and I can guarantee I’ll probably be watching it again soon.

The film is based of the true story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.  It starts out with ten year old Eddie in a leg brace (he had bad knees) deciding he’s going to be an Olympian.  He packs his bags and tells his mom he’s off to the Olympics.  It was quite adorable, him walking determinately  to the bus stop, then his dad had to pick him up (apparently it was a usual occurrence).  The film continues to show Eddie growing up, trying to excel in sports but people telling him he would never succeed.  He is rejected again and again, until he realizes he could compete in the Olympics as a ski jumper – no one else was competing, so he’d just have to successful land during a qualifier and he would be off to the Olympics.  The movie goes through many ups and downs as the British Olympic Committee didn’t want to pay for him going to the Olympics, so they kept creating these obstacles the he kept overcoming.

Eddie the Eagle is such an inspiring and moving story.  It’s not so much a story of sports or the Olympics, but more of someone never giving up on his dream.  It makes you believe anything really is possible if you just got the right amount of nerve.  And Eddie Edwards had a ton of nerve.

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