I went to a music festival about a year ago where a bunch of acts were performing and I got to see Sky Ferreira live.  I sort of knew about her and was familiar with a couple of her songs, but her performance propelled me to grab her debut album Night Time, My Time, and I have to say it’s a pretty great album – I like the attitude that she gives. I’ve been hearing that she’s releasing a new album this year entitled Masochist, but I can’t seem to find when it’s being released.  Her last album was delayed so many times before it was released, so I’m wondering if the same thing will happen with this album.

Still on the look out for new music, I remembered that she released a couple singles/EPs before her debut album, so I decided I could explore those before getting my hopes high for Masochist.  So I did a search at my local library of Sky Ferreira.  Naturally I found the music I already had, but I found two compilation CDs that featured her song “Obsession.”  One featured the original version (video below), the other a dance remix (the “Static Revenger Radio Remix”).  So I picked up both compilations CDs.

Normally I would listen to the original version first and then listen to the remix, but for some reason I decided to start with the remix.  I’ve searched around but I can find any legal way of provide a clip of said remix (you’ll have to do some googling/search your local library) but I thought the remix was pretty great, it had a good beat and pace to it.  Usually I find remixes to ruin songs, so it was interesting to go backwards and listen to the original version.  I like both version – I think the remix has a better beat and drive to it (it has a slightly faster tempo).  Either way, it’s a straight up good pop song to bike/dance to…the only thing it’s kind of hard to find…although, it is on iTunes in a compilation album (which, weirdly, was not the compilation cd I found at the library).

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Sky Ferreira, I’d definitely check out.   “Everything is Embarrassing” (which isn’t on her debut album, it’s a B-side) is one of the most sincere heartbreaking songs, and it has a great ’80s beat.  Also, I like her songs “Boys” and “Heavy Metal Heart.”


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