Melissa McCarthy is Going Back to Stars Hollow!!!

Since they announced the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, everyone was wondering if Melissa McCarthy – Stars Hollows most successful alum – would return.  It was kind of a given that all the other actors would return, but McCarthy – who since won an Emmy and nominated for an Oscar – was an unknown.  But the fact remained that they couldn’t do the revival if McCarthy, who played Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham) best friend and business partner Sookie St. James, didn’t sign on.  I mean, Lorelai wouldn’t be able to go to work in the mini movies because she would have to see Sookie, and they seriously could not recast that role.

But, McCarthy recently announced on Ellen that she’s finally closed a deal and will reprise her role!!!

It kind of sounds like she’ll basically make a cameo appearance and be in the series for like two seconds, but at least Sookie will be present.

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