Roses, Candy, and Notecards

Sometimes when I’m in the grocery store, waiting to check out, I like to see what other people are buying and try to figure out what they’re making.  It’s fun for me to take random objects and create a whole back story of a character.

Like, for instance, when I was in the grocery store…today, I was in the express lane to check out a couple items I forgot to pick up the last time I was there and there was this guy in front of me buying a bouquet of roses, Sour Patch kids, and notecards.

Naturally my brain started whizzing, crafting a story on the spot.  Immediately a love story came to mind: he was going on a date with someone he really had a crush on.  Like a huge one.  He met them at school and was nervous to ask them out so he pined away for them.  Then, finally, as the semester (he was of college age) came to an end, his crush asked him out to the movies.  So, he ran to the store to pick up candy and wanted them to know they were special, so he got the roses too.  But because he was still nervous about the date he picked up a pack of notecards.  This way he could come up with conversation starters and practice/study for his date so things would go over smoothly…

Again, I have no idea if that’s true, but it was just a story line I thought up whilst trying to purchase my groceries and I thought it was fun, so I decided to share.  So, if that guy is going on a date – which, for all I know he was just picking up study items (notecards and candy) and he likes roses and they were on sale – best of luck to him!

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