Saoirse Ronan (and Leonardo DiCaprio)

So I went on YouTube to look something up – I think it was a Super Bowl commercial – and these things are never easy.  Even when you find the clip you want, they give you so many related options that are inevitably not relevant to your current video that you get derailed spending an hour watching everything but the original video you wanted to see.

Anyway, I went from watching a Super Bowl commercial to a few interviews with Saoirse (pronounced “sur-sha”) Ronan.  I plopped them below because I found her quite funny, especially when she was trying to teach Stephen Colbert her accent.

Ronan is currently nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Brooklyn.  I actually just watched the trailer and it looks quite good.  It tells the story of a young Irish girl immigrating to America, trying to find her way, and falling in love with an Italian boy.

On an even more random note, when I was getting the videos ready to embed in this post, YouTube popped up with this clip of Leonardo Dicaprio on Ellen, and the story he tells at the end of the plane engine exploding is hilarious…had to add it.

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