CHVRCHES: Insanely Good

Every Open Eye is CHVRCHES' second album...and awesome.

Every Open Eye is CHVRCHES’ second album…and awesome.

Recently, I’ve begun feeling my music taste evolve.  I’ve started craving – the only way I can describe it – loud music.  Electronic, synth, EDM…whatever, as long as it was loud and carefree.  So I’ve been looking for new albums to fill this.  I remembered reading about CHVRCHES (which I believe is pronounced “churches”) and their latest album, Every Open Eye, and how it was “insanely good,” so I picked up a copy.  As soon as I put the album on, I was happy.

The first track, “Never Ending Circle,” is incredible.  It starts off with this “loud” bass/synth thing and vocalized “oh” that just hits the spot.  It reminds of eighties Cyndi Lauper and a little bit of Madonna, but infinitely better.  “Never Ending Circle” is followed up with “Leave a Trace” which keeps you listening, with a great chorus and hook.  At that point, you’re trapped (in a good way) into listening to the rest of the album.

The album is full of – want for a better word – “loudness” while having great moments of tenderness (listen to “Afterglow” to witness Lauren Mayberry’s (lead singer) amazing vocals).  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have have to find tickets to the next CHVRCHES’ concert in my area…

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