New Bohemia

It snowed today.  Well…slushed is more like.  Like, it started out as snow, then it rained, then it froze.  So, when I went to shovel my driveway, it was incredibly hard, heavy, and awful.  I could’ve thrown my shovel down and had a meltdown (which was very likely to happen…I hate the cold and the snow…I really need to move to a warmer climate), instead I turned up “New Bohemia” by Transviolet and moved that snow around.

I discovered “New Bohemia” rather by accident.  I downloaded this free game on my phone which was great except it forces you to watch three  commercials (always the same three) every time you start a new game (I know, annoying).  I usually would ignore the commercials, but there was one that played this song and I really liked the fifteen seconds I heard.  You would not believe how hard it was to figure out what the song was, but after extensive research (more than I am actually proud to admit), I figured out it was “New Bohemia” by Transviolet.  Instantly I bought the song from iTunes.

“New Bohemia” is incredibly catchy, and I love the youthful, care-free nature of it. You could literally put it on repeat and get lost in it for hours and it would never get old.  I’m such an old fart that I usually don’t dance when I hear electronic dance music, but this song really gets me moving (in fact, I’m dancing in my seat as  I write this…it’s also good when biking/exercising).  My point is that if you’re looking for new music that will aid you in your snow shoveling or just to freshen up your playlists, check out Transviolet.