Sia is ALIVE

Sia just dropped her new single “Alive” off her upcoming album, and it’s phenomenal!  It rings of freedom and determination, and has such a great beat to blare and play on repeat.  I also need to note that Sia’s vocals are top notch and showcase her incredible voice.

She must have lungs of steel or something, because the way she hits the notes when she sings the lyric “I’m alive” during the chorus is amazing.  Especially with the emotion.  The cracks in her voice she adds during her vocalizations emits the pain and rawness.  It’s Sia at her best.

An interesting thing about this song is that it is cowritten by Adele.  I read online (and I don’t know how true it is, so bear with me) that Sia wrote it with Adele for Adele’s album, but then they decided Sia should record it.  Personally, I think the song fits Sia’s voice better, but I’d love to hear Adele sing it.  Can you imagine?  Adele should release a version…then we can compare and contrast and have our minds blown by both these incredible artists.

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