Alessia Cara is Here

The other day I was scrolling through iTunes, as I occasionally do to see what music is out there, and I stumbled onto the New Artist section and found Alessia Cara.  I previewed her song “Seventeen” (it was the featured song), and I liked her unique style and sound.  She kind of reminded me of Xenia from the first season of The Voice in that her voice had this rasp and warmth to it.  Then I was driving home from work hours later and the radio DJ said something along the lines of “We’ve got this new artist Alessia Cara, whose song  ‘Here’ everybody’s talking about,” and then they proceeded to play it.  And I was hooked.

One of the many things I find intriguing about the song is that it seems like one of the few pop songs (if any other of them exist) that actually speaks against heavy partying.  Instead, she’s spreading the message to just be yourself and define the way you have fun and hang with your friends your own way, which I like.  Another great thing about the song is the beat, especially how she sings the lyrics in triplets: it makes it pretty catchy.

When I got home after hearing “Here” on the radio, I immediately purchased her EP, Four Pink Wallswhich says a lot.  I tend not to buy EPs because I fear that I’ll spend the money on it, then a couple months later the full length album will drop that will include all the songs from the EP plus like five additional songs; I would have paid for the same music twice, which I prefer not to do.  I will, however, break this rule if I’m a big fan of the artist’s work and simply cannot wait for the forthcoming album.  In any event, you should definitely check out Alessia Cara, and let’s hope her album comes out soon (especially with more than just “five additional songs”).

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