A Different Kind of Turtle

Growing up, my mom would take me to the library a lot.  She had this huge bag and would bring us into the Children’s room and let my siblings and I fill up the bag with any books we wanted.  Needless to say, growing up in libraries has made me a man who frequents his local library…a lot.

A couple years ago, my library got a pet turtle for their Children’s room.  When they originally got him, they read that his type of turtle prefers to eat lettuce, snails, and little fish, which they added to the tank.  Except our turtle won’t eat the snails or the fish, just the lettuce.  In fact, the fish got so big, the librarians had to give it away as a pet to someone because it was getting too big for the tank (I learned that they eventually released the fish back into the wild).

On top of that, he’s grown accustom to rearranging his tank.  At first, we weren’t sure what was happening.  The books said to put a dock in the corner of  the tank for him to climb up on and bask under a lamp.  Over time, we’d notice the dock would slightly drift away from the corner.  Each time the dock moved, the librarians would put it back right under the lamp because it was “supposed to be” that way.  One time, I thought he went missing, but I found him squished in between the glass and the dock, pushing it away.

Then, the other day, they had a new lamp which seemed to have a lower wattage, and I saw the turtle laying on his dock with the expression that just said “everything is finally right in the world.”

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