Where Are My Veeple People?

I took a Buzzfeed quiz that was like “Which TV show should you watch next?”  And funnily enough, the response was the show that I’ve currently been watching: Veep.  When I watch a show, I really get into it.  I tend to watch episodes multiple times, especially if the show is really well crafted, like Veep, where you pick up extra jokes and lines the second or third time watching.

Anyway, there’s an episode in the second season where she goes to Helsinki to make some trade deal, and she has major miscommunications with the Prime Minister of Finland throughout the episode (I wanted to provide an example, but the only clip I could find on YouTube wouldn’t embed, but you can view by clicking here).

The first time I saw the episode, I didn’t find it particularly funny, mostly because the miscommunications between the Veep and the Prime Minister went over my head.  In particular, the Prime Minister made a joke to one of the Veep’s staffers (Dan, for those of you who know the show) where she kept saying “Danteeksi,” and I had no idea what the joke was, and they didn’t explain it.

So I did some googling, and I found a Finnish fan on Reddit who literally translated all the jokes that went over my head.  I took a screen grab of it to share:


This elevated my intrigue of the show because it highlights how much depth and attention to detail the writers put in.  Like, they could’ve literally made up nonsense and called it Finnish and most of us would’ve probably believed it.  I mean, I know I would, I don’t speak Finnish nor have I been to Finland.  But they went through the time to research the Finnish language to make jokes that kind of work.  It’s kind of crazy that if you leave one letter out of a sentence in Finnish, it translates from “Finland is a lovely country” to “Finland is a heavy country.”

Anyway, I just wanted to share if any of you are watching Veep and/or have seen this episode and missed some of the jokes like I did.

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