Inside Amy Schumer

The other night I decided to watch an episode of Inside Amy Schumer.  I’ve been meaning to check it out because I like Amy Schumer; I think she has great confidence and  personality.   I find the show to be intriguing because she provides different skits, a sample of her stand up, and street interviews with strangers (which are hilarious) instead of a straight up sitcom.  Some of these skits can be more awkward than funny, but I think she’s got some real gems.  I personally like when she does skits that make fun of other shows.  Like, she had a skit of her being on a show called “Sauced” with was a spoof of Chopped where drunk chefs have to cook using specific ingredients from their basket.  In that episode, her opponent made some fancy salad and Amy made mayonnaise (yes, she found mayonnaise and spooned it on a plate, it was quite funny).  And she did a version of Say Yes to the Dress  called Say Fine to the Shirt.

Anyway, I found some skits on YouTube that I enjoyed so I decided to share them.  One of my favorites is when she stays at a pretentious hotel.  I  saw a video of her doing standup where she told a story of her  staying at a W Hotel and how she thought it was ridiculous because they gave their facilities such minimalistic names, in particular they named their gym Sweat.  So in the clip, Amy goes to a U Hotel which has a pool they call Soak and an elevator called Soar.


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