You’d Be a Fool Not to Listen to Ryn Weaver’s “The Fool”

I actually heard about Ryn Weaver from a Facebook ad.  You know how you’ll be perusing Facebook and notice that they’ll have “recommended” articles in your feed/timeline that are basically just ads?  I remember multiple times scrolling through and seeing a picture/ad for Weaver’s Promises – EP.

The first couple times I saw it, I ignored it.  Then, I finally clicked on it because the picture somewhat intrigued me, and also because the ad said something about her song “OctaHate,” which I thought was a weird yet interesting title.  I mean, what does the word “OctaHate” (if it’s a word) even mean?  I thought it was something like Pitch Perfect where that one singer kept saying “aca-scuse me.”

I finally found an interview where Weaver explained that the song was originally titled “OctaLoser” because they were using an Octatrack. From what I could gather from the interview, they were creating the production of the song so they just named it “OctaLoser” as a place holder, and then she went back home and wrote the words and finished the song.  She then changed it to “OctaHate” because she said the song is about “hate times eight.”  She then went on to mention something about an octopus and people be tangled together….if you want to read that interview, click here.

So, I finally listened to “OctaHate,” and then I immediately bought it from iTunes.  It’s a great little tune.  What I like the most about the song is how her vocals are aggressive, but in a pretty way (if that make sense).  I just mean that she has this way of attacking the song that emits the hate and angry, but it’s rather elegant.  If you listen to the second verse especially (1:05) below, you’ll get what I mean.

Weaver finally has released her debut album The Fooland I’ve been thinking about getting it.  But then I decided to preview some of her songs before I invest the money in the album.  There’s nothing more annoying than buying an album because you really liked one of the songs on it and thought you’d like the rest of them, and then the whole album is just awful and you’re out like $20 (just an FYI, The Fool is only about $7 on iTunes…I’m still in the mindset that albums are $20 like they were when I was a kid in the ’90s).  The Fool  is definitely not one of those albums. It’s a  great vocal work; she absolutely shines in songs “Pierre,” “Sail On,” and “Traveling Song” (and “OctaHate,” which I already mentioned).

However, I think there are spots throughout the album where she and her producers took some risks that didn’t really work.  When I started listening to her song “The Fool,”  I really liked it.  Her swirling vocals and intriguing lyrics reminded me of “OctaHate.”  But then when I got to the end of the song (3:11-end), I couldn’t help wonder – and I don’t mean to sound rude/harsh/mean – what exactly the producer was thinking.  Pulsating sound?  It just hurts to have sound being pulsed in and then out, and it’s way too choppy.

Now, I’m not putting down Weaver or her producers, these are just stylistic options that wouldn’t have been my first choice.  However, I’m sure the more I listen to it (and I will continue to listen to the album), the more it will grow on me.  Ryn Weaver is a new, talented artist, and we need to support upcoming acts like her. The Fool  featuring “OctaHate” is a great start and certainly features unusual sounds.

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