Goofing Off With Mrs. Kim

I was watching an old episode of Gilmore Girls the other night – I’ve been re-watching the show, their reunion got me nostalgic – and I got to the part in season three where Lane wants to go to the prom with Dave Rygalski, the guitarist of her band, but she knows her mom won’t approve of a non-Korean.  So, Dave goes over to her mom and gives a whole speech of how responsible he is and how he is the proper date for Lane, and Mrs. Kim responds with “Let never day nor night unhallow’d pass, but still remember what the Lord hath done.”

Naturally, Dave thinks it’s from the Bible, so he spends the whole night reading it to understand what Mrs. Kim meant.  He later confronts her exhausted, desperate to know what she meant. She tells him that it wasn’t from the Bible, but Shakespeare’s Henry VI and that she likes to “goof off” every now and then.  She doesn’t actually explain her choice of quote, but allows Dave to take Lane to the prom because of his feat of reading the whole bible in one night.

Well, me being me, I was curious as what the quote from Henry VI actually meant, so I did some googling and I found this entry from a chatroom/discussion board that kind of blew my mind:

"The quote is a line from a play: Shakespeare's Henry VI. The King makes this statement to a man, formerly blind, who has gained sight. Hallowed means prayed over.

For those who are looking for the meaning of the line after hearing Mrs. Kim quote it: remember that Mrs. Kim has believed Lane's affections to have been previously unrequited. It's funny to think of her saying, subtly, to this boy, now proclaiming his crush on her daughter, 'Now you can see!'"

If you want to browse the chatroom/discussion board, click here

What’s fantastic about this is that the writers could’ve put any Shakespeare or Biblical quote there and the whole scene/episode would have worked because the point wasn’t really what Mrs. Kim said, but it was that she needed to say something to get Dave to read the whole Bible in one night so that she would think him worthy enough to date her daughter.  Instead, assuming this person is correct (and I think they are), the writers chose a quote that would give Mrs. Kim a kind of sass, where she’s basically like “yeah, my daughter is the amazing, took you long enough.”  And that’s the great thing about Gilmore Girls, the jokes and dialogue work on so many levels.  You could watch an episode like five times, and each time get something new from them.

So…there needs to be a movie….please?

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