Gilmore Girls Reunion

Over the weekend, the cast of Gilmore Girls had a little reunion and discussed their experiences from the show at a panel at some festival.  I found out about it the other day on Twitter, but learned I couldn’t stream it.  Finally, Entertainment Weekly posted the video, and so I decided to share the link.  Even if you aren’t that big of a Gilmore Girls fan, it was actually interesting to learn about how they created and casted the show.  Click here to see the video.

There’s still no Gilmore Girls movie in the works, but I think especially with its release on Netflix, there should be one coming…fingers crossed!

What’s interesting is that Alexis Bledel says during the panel that Lauren Graham had to “man-handle” her to keep her on camera during the pilot because she kept missing her mark, and if you rewatch the pilot (which I’m doing) you actually can see Graham grabbing Bledel and guiding her into rooms.


EW uploaded an unedited version of the panel…if you watched the above link, you may have noticed some random cuts.  Here’s the link to the unedited version.

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