Throwback Thursday

The problem I have with Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) is that I can never think of anything on Thursday to share.  My mind goes blank.  Then, on Friday, I’m walking down memory lane and have a bajillion stories and pictures to share.  But, you can’t have a Throwback Thursday on Friday, it wouldn’t make sense (although, you could try to do a “Flashback Friday,” but that’s not a thing, is it?).

But, today I finally thought of a story, and there are two and a half hours left of this Thursday, so technically I can squeeze it in.

So, I used to work for this place where at the end of the semester we would have a “reading party,” where we would come together and each read something to the group.  We all were into reading and writing, so this wasn’t as boring as it might sound.  Usually people read a  poem, story, songs lyrics, or anything that meant something to them or inspired them as writers.  It was a great notion of coming together and enjoying good writing.

At the last reading party I attended, we had a wide variety of things read.  Someone read How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the party happened to be the week before Christmas), another person read an original story they wrote, another read a short story a teacher wrote about his students’ bad grammar, etc.  So we’re going around, and it was one of my friends’ turn to go.  She opens her book, looks flustered, and blushes.  She had intended to bring an old book of poetry her grandparents gave her and read her favorite poem, but somehow she grabbed an identical-looking book that did not have poems in it.  Instead, it was a technical manual on sailing.  So, she opened the book to Chapter Fifteen, and spent ten minutes reading random nautical terms and techniques.  I’m telling you, it was the most hysterical thing to witness.  There we were trying to not laugh as she struggled through reading this jargon none of us understood.  This may not be funny to you, but I like the fact that instead of just skipping  her turn (which was a totally viable thing to do), she continued to read utter nonsense.  It was great.

Anyway, #tbt…

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