The Crapper

Do you ever just get a random thought?  Like, you’ll be going about your day, and then you remember something really random and strange.  I was just sitting here, when I recalled an watching an episode of Mike & Molly where I realized Billy Gardell’s character Mike kept referring to the bathroom as a “crapper.”  This is such an odd thought to have, but while they’re supposed to live in Chicago (I think), I was wondering if that was a midwest thing.  You know, like how some parts of the US refer to soda as pop or tonic.

On a whim, I decided to google “crapper.”  I’m not really sure what I was expecting to find, I was just bored.  Apparently there was a plumber in England in the late 1800s named Thomas Crapper who pioneered the use of indoor plumbing.

So do we call the bathroom “crapper” after Mr. Crapper who was one of the key people in engineering the bathroom?  Because I thought it was because it was the place where we, um, crap.

So, this is a very weird and random post.   But I thought it was funny and strangely thought provoking.  Or a waste of time.

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