Jeff Dunham: One Man with So Many Voices

If you’ve never seen Jeff Dunham perform, prepare to have a great laugh.  I saw one of his specials many years ago on tv and was amazed how he could bring his puppets to life.  You forget that he’s a ventriloquist because he gives each one of his characters such life with different accents and personalities.  My favorite is his character Peanut; they have this great bit where Peanut sings/mispronouces Jeff Dunham’s name:

The really clever part about this is Jeff Dunham is doing a great job branding himself and implanting in our memories his name and website.  In the above clip, he spends the full two and a half minutes repeating his name in Peanut’s weird voices, and he refers to his website ( at least six times.  Meanwhile, we’re left repeating “Jeff Dunham Dot Com” like Peanut.  I saw this before I went to business school and was not aware at all what he was doing, but seeing it again made me realize that Dunham is driving traffic to his website and getting his name/brand out there.  And making you remember it.   It’s clever.

Overall, I’m amazed by Jeff Dunham and think he’s a great comedian.  He has a good nature and doesn’t go over the top like some other comedians do.  And it is really hard to imagine that it’s really just one man standing on a stage during this performance because it’s so spectacular.

Take a look at some other hilarious Jeff Dunham skits:

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