All Hail Tony Hale

The main reason I’ve been watching Veep is because I find Tony Hale’s character, Gary Walsh, hysterical.  While the other actors do have great performances, Hale as Gary is what makes the show.  I think it’s because the other characters tend to be more aggressive and assertive and active in the politics, whereas Gary is more focused on Selina’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) needs.  Here’s a little clip of different “Gary” scenes I found, it doesn’t really do justice of what he’s really like on the show, but it’ll give you a taste:

Anyway, the reason I bring any of this is up is because I found this interview with Tony Hale that I thought was equally hysterical.  He tells Conan O’Brien about his first acting jobs and some mishaps he had. It got me laughing, so I figured I’d share so you can start this week off laughing as well.

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