90s Ellen

I found this DVD collection at work for the five seasons of Ellen, Ellen Degeneres’ sitcom from the early 90s.  Now, I was just a young baby at that time, so I had no idea Ellen had a sitcom.  I generally think Ellen is funny and has good intentions and I happen to love sitcoms, so I was excited to watch the show.  And as great as Ellen currently is, I think 90s Ellen was perfection.

I haven’t gotten that fair in the series, but there’s an episode where Ellen (her character has the same first name) and her friends decide to watch a boxing match.  While her friends are enthusiastic about watching the match, Ellen doesn’t really seem interested (which is basically me during sports events).  So, she goes out and gets a “descrambler box” (I have no idea what that is, ’twas before my time) and basically goes through a whole ordeal to actually watch the match.  Finally, the match begins and it lasts like fifteen seconds.  All of her friends are excited and are like “that was a great match!” and Ellen’s just like “is that it?”  She then goes on about how since she paid so much to see the match they should provide further entertainment.  She ends the whole thing by saying “even if they shaved a poodle on stage, do you know what I’m saying?”  The way she delivered the line is hysterical.

So far, I got to say that Ellen couldn’t be funnier.  Although it is a bit different seeing her with long hair and dating men (although, I read that her character comes out towards the end of the series, which was about the same time Ellen personally came out).  It’s also a bit weird because Maggie Wheeler stars in the first season, and she was also the actress who played Janice from Friends; I’m just waiting for her to shout “OH MY GOD!”

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