Boom Clap’s New Beat

I just got Charli XCX’s album Sucker, and the first thing I noticed was that the album version of the hit single “Boom Clap” is not the same as the version that was featured in The Fault in Our Stars and which burned up radio this past summer.

I’m 90% sure that they used the same vocal track and Charli didn’t re-sing it, but the arrangement of the music is different.  There’s a different drum beat or a different type of drum playing the beat, which is a shame because I thought the original drum kit was rich and filled out the song perfectly.  They also changed the piano/synth in the beginning and throughout the song (it’s most noticeable in the beginning after she shout/sings “BOOM BOOM BOOM CLAP”).

The Sucker remake is the first track on this playlist, the second is the original:

There really isn’t anything wrong with the remake, in fact I like the fact that Charli XCX and her team decided not to just plop her hit on the album without tweaking it.  When artists have hit songs, that song seems to appear on every single album they put out.  It makes sense from a business sense: “Boom Clap” was Charli XCX’s first hit song as a solo artist, so it would entice people to buy her album.   But it’s also rather annoying.

For example, I bought Meghan Trainor’s Title EP because I thoroughly enjoyed “All About That Bass” and I didn’t think she’d have a full-length album come out (see, even I am wrong).  Now her debut studio album Title was released today and now I have to buy an album with four songs I already have on the EP (I only buy physical CDs, I’m aware I could’ve purchased the EP on iTunes and then “completed my album” and not had to purchase the album again, but I prefer the physical CDs).  It’s annoying because I bought “All About That Bass” as a single, then as an EP, and now as an album.  Kind of waste to spend so much money on the same thing.  And it’s not just Meghan Trainor who does this, by the way, I’m only using her as an example because Title was released today and I was listening to it…a ton other artists have done this same exact thing.

At least Charli XCX tried to make “Boom Clap” fit more cohesively on Sucker and give her fans a new taste of the song so they weren’t buying the same thing twice.

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