Taylor Swift “Stays” with Another #PhillipsSongOfTheDay

In the month since the release of 1989, I’ve been trying to decide which track on the album is Taylor Swift’s best.  And it’s been really tough.  There was a while when I wanted to say “Bad Blood,” but then of course you can’t forget “Shake it Off,” and then I went through a huge phase where “Clean” was my favorite.  But I’ve decided one of her bests on that album is “All You Had to Do was Stay,” which is today’s #PhillipsSongOfTheDay.

The main reason this song works for me is the catchy chorus, the beats of the song, and the incredible bridge of:

Let me remind you, this was what you wanted
You ended it
You were all I wanted
But not like this

And let’s not forget the high vocal of “stay!” during the chorus.  I also like how they decided to end the song on that high note of “stay,” it gives a rather magical effect.

It would be at this point where I would embed a youtube clip of the audio of the song so you could listen to the song and agree with me, but I can’t really find one.  And since T. Swift is cracking down on giving away free music (which I agree with), I decided to give you these wise words: buy the song on iTunes.  You won’t regret it.

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