“Brood”-ing for New Music

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Lorde’s music and can’t stop listening to Pure Heroine and The Love Club EP.  When she released “Yellow Flicker Beat” from the new Hunger Games Soundtrack, I was overjoyed because we finally had new Lorde music.  BUT IT ISN’T ENOUGH.  I find Lorde’s music irresistible from her clever, deep lyrics to her husky, almost standoffish (I know that’s not the right word, forgive me) voice to the incredible beats made by producer Joel Little.

Then I realized, maybe the key wasn’t waiting for new music by Lorde, but looking for more music produced by Joel Little.  This is not to suggest Lorde could be replaced, but hey if he produced both Pure Heroine and The Love Club EP, he has to hold some of the magic.

So I did some research and stumbled upon this group named Broods, which he also co-wrote and produced the whole album (#yay).  I listened to it on Spotify, and I am an instant fan.  Their music is not the same as Lorde, but it holds the same spirit of just being so insanely clever and incredible.  I think I’m becoming a fan of Joel Little and hope one day to work with him or just be able to see him work because so far his work is outstanding.

Take a listen to Evergreen, the Broods’ new album, you will not be sorry:

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