Give Me that “Title”

She blew up this summer with her hit “All About That Bass,” but Meghan Trainor’s new EP Title really shows that she’s certainly more than her bass.  It’s a relatively short EP (is there really any other kind?) of only four songs, but she’s rather incredible on all of them.  Now, I was obsessed like everyone else with “All About That Bass” (it was even a #PhillipsSongOfTheDay) but I was convinced she would be another one hit wonder.  Then I got Title and realized that her music is actually quite hilarious and fun to listen to…and it’s rather unusual to today’s pop music.

The best anthem has to be the title track, “Title.”  The track itself features an infectious bass singer singing “do” as the bass line (if you hear it, it’ll make sense what I’m trying to explain).  But the thing that really makes the music is the horn that joins in during the chorus.  Trainor’s vocals are vibrant and lively, especially how she sings “give me that title” at the end of the chorus.  It’s just a sweet little tune that you can jam to so you can forget about your day, and it makes you feel better.

The one thing that I really got to like about Meghan Trainor is that her lyrics that she writes are rather colloquial.  I mean that she doesn’t try to be fancy, she just speaks her mind (which, in itself, makes it very clever).  For example, look at these lyrics:

“If I hear that word again
You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed”

“Then consider this an invitation to kiss my ass goodbye”

“Don’t call me boo
Like you’re some kind of ghost”

Needless to say, I’ve been listen to Title on repeat for a while, and I highly recommend this EP.  All I really can say is that I can’t wait for her full-length album.  Not only does she make great music, but she makes her music her own…which is something hard to do.

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