The Album Curator: Lorde’s MockingJay

Yesterday, Lorde tweeted out that she’d be taking on the responsibility of “curating” the new soundtrack for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie.

She also revealed that she and her producer/co-writer Joel Little would be writing and releasing the first single off the soundtrack (yay!).

Which leads to two very important points: Lorde is making and releasing new music, and what the heck is an album curator?

Since the release of her hit single “Royals,” Lorde has become a big name in music.  Her album Pure Heroine was nominated for four Grammys, winning two (Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, both for “Royals”).  The album only has ten tracks, running a total of about thirty-eight minutes.  This is only enough time to get your feet wet, wanting more music.  It’s time we get more of Lorde’s crooning vocals, and Joel Little’s amazing beats.  So news of any kind of new Lorde music is exciting.

Listen to Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine – Deluxe Edition:

The other aspect of this news brings to light the idea of album curating, a term I have never heard of but am enthusiastically enthralled with.  I mean, it just sounds so cool!  Like, “hi, my name is Phillip, I’m an album curator.”  My guess is that Lorde is simply going to organize the album and produce the final product.  This may mean that she will choose the artists who perform on the soundtrack, what songs will be performed, and who will produce it.  All in all, it should be an exciting new soundtrack that will have the mysterious Lorde touch! #can’twait

I’ll keep you guys apprised of any news relating to this soundtrack, but I’ll leave you with this: both Taylor Swift and Coldplay produced the first singles off of the first two Hunger Games soundtracks, and both were nominated for Golden Globes for Best Original Song…and we know Lorde is going to release the first single for Mockingjay…just saying, she could be at the Golden Globes and quite possibly the Academy Awards next year (they need to use the song as the first end credits track to be nominated for an Academy Award…”Safe and Sound” was used as the second end credits track and was disqualified from being nominated for the Academy Award with the first Hunger games movie came; it was rumored that T. Swift would get her first Academy Award nomination, but the Academy ruled that the song wasn’t technically in the film #whatever).

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