Amy Schumer

My new year’s resolution this past year was to laugh every day for a year, which is a lot easier than you’d think.  I recently started getting into searching YouTube and Spotify for different comedians and just being either grossed out by them (some of them don’t know when to shut up) or be laughing hysterically (which is awkward when I’m at work at the library putting books away…).

One of my friends posted a video on Facebook of Amy Schumer playing “air double dutch” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and I thought it was kind of funny and weird.  On the side where YouTube has the suggested videos, there was one of Amy Schumer doing standup with the title “I’m not shallow, I’m just really pretty,” which I thought was intriguing so I watched it.  Long story short, I ended up searching YouTube for more videos of Amy Schumer.  Here are some clips that I found that I thought were hilarious; she really knows how to tell a great story.  Enjoy!

Amy Schumer on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

Amy Schumer on Ellen:

Iggy Iggs is the Realest

You guys, I just bought my first rap album!!!

So I tell this to my friend, and she goes “which one?”

And I’m like, “Iggy Azalea!” so proud that I actually own a rap album…feeling like I’ve grown so much.

And she goes “ugh, she’s so fake.”

Me: Um, she’s the realest, like get over yourself.

So, there.