Happily Ever After: He is We’s First #PhillipsSongOfTheDay

For a while now, I’ve been taken with the song “Happily Ever After” by the band He Is We because it just seems so warm and colorful.  To that end, “Happily Ever After” by He Is We is #PhillipsSongOfTheDay.

He Is We is a band that was started by Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor, who met while working at a record store in Tacoma, Washington.   They promoted their music via social media sites, until they signed with Universal Motown, and released their debut album My Forever in 2010, which “Happily Ever After” is featured.  The duo ended up splitting…I’m not entirely sure why…apparently Taylor got sick, so they found a replacement, and then when she was ready to return, Kelly decided he wanted to form his own band with the replacement…Taylor now is a solo artist…

“Happily Ever After” is one of the few songs that gives me flutters in my stomach from the first second of listening to it.  I’m not really sure how to explain the feeling other than it’s a kind of swooping/soaring feeling.  It’s something to do with the piano, the drum beat, and Rachel Taylor’s vocals that make me get those butterflies.  Take a listen:

“Happily Ever After” by He Is We:

My favorite part of this song is the fact that it instills hope into the listener.  To me, this song is about not giving up on your beliefs, dreams, or goals.  I especially like the lyric at the end of the song “we all have a story to tell,” mostly because I see myself as a storyteller and I believe that life is but a story; we all experience and live things, and we have the option of sharing those experiences in different story forms.  You should never think the events in your life are insignificant because we all have stories to tell; we are all important.

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