Frozen’s Totally Frigid Score

I just got the Frozen soundtrack…like three months after I saw the film and actually had the songs stuck in my head.  Now, I finally got over those catchy, almost-annoying rhythms  out of my head (I finally stopped singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” and “Let it Go” was finding it’s way on to less playlists), and I decide to play back all those songs.  So, basically, I have the whole soundtrack stuck in my head…yet again.

While I do think Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez did a phenomenal job writing the songs that the characters sang and I believe the deserved the Academy Award for Best Original Song they won for “Let it Go,” I just wanted to take this time to applaud Christophe Beck who composed the score to the movie.  He did an incredible job incorporating elements from Lopez and Anderson-Lopez’s songs, and really injecting such emotion and action into his orchestral arrangements.  I’m primarily speaking of “Epilogue” when I say he incorporated elements of the Lopez songs.  If you pay special attention towards the end, you can hear the melodies of “For the First Time in Forever” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.”  This is just an incredible way to remind us of what the characters went through and unite all the music.

Listen to “Epilogue,” composed by Christophe Beck:

I am also floored by “Vuelie” and “The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise).”  If you’ve seen the film, “Vuelie” is the melody that is played during the opening credits.  The choir chanting/singing really pulls at your heartstrings and evokes so much emotion.  It’s fantastic.  It makes me want to tear up and cry when I hear it….but I don’t, because I’m a guy and we don’t emote in that way… I also like the fact that Beck brought this theme back in “The Great Thaw,” when Elsa melts all the snow in Arendelle at the end (spoil alert…sorry).  Again, it is uniting all the music and really provides a solid foundation for us.

Listen to Beck’s score, you won’t be sorry:

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