Okay, I Was Right…Sort of…

So, do you guys remember the copious posts I wrote about Lorde and how her single should and would be “Glory & Gore” from Pure Heroine? (If not, you can read them here and here)  Well, okay, apparently it is…just not here in America….yet.

At the time I wrote those posts, I read that “Glory & Gore” would be impacting radio March 11th.  And I told everyone (including myself) to “keep your ears peeled,” because I was sure I would hear “Glory & Gore” burning up radio just as “Royals” and “Team” had.
The only problem was that “Team” blew up into an even bigger hit (i.e. it received even more radio airplay).  I mean, that’s not technically a problem…not complaining.  But I have yet to hear “Glory & Gore” on the radio, and I listen to the radio a lot (i.e. whenever I was driving to school, which was every day for the past four months).

Following the success of “Team,” it was speculated that “Tennis Court,” the first track of Pure Heroine, would become Lorde’s third single in the States.  In fact, it already was her second single in New Zealand (and I think the rest of the world) where it enjoyed being her second number one single, following “Royals.”  Just to clarify, “Tennis Court” was/is a single around the world, but not in America.  However, I read that Lava/Republic records decided to postpone releasing “Tennis Court” in America given the unexpected fan rush towards “Glory & Gore;” it was used during the Olympics and a commercial for the History Channel show Vikings (read more here).

However, I just read a Billboard article confirming “Tennis Court” to be Lorde’s American followup to “Team:”

Billboard Article

I’m not complaining, “Tennis Court” happened to be #PhillipsSongOfTheDay twice, not an easy feat.   You can read all about that here.  In fact, I think “Tennis Court” may fare better than “Glory & Gore” as “Tennis Court” has such a swirling, infectious chorus.  Also, “Glory & Gore” tends to be more on the nose for the fact that it’s condemning society and media’s obsession with, you guest it, glory and gore.  Which song do you think should be Lorde’s next U.S. single?  Take a listen to both songs below and let us know in the comments!

Listen to “Glory and Gore” by Lorde:


“Tennis Court” by Lorde:

Keep your ears peeled for “Tennis Court” on your local radio station!

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