Late Night Radio Love Story

The other night I was driving home from work, exhausted.  It was one of those drives where it’s late at night, and every single radio station is on a commercial break.  That’s when I skip my presets, and hopefully find a station playing anything but an advertisement.  Somehow I landed on a rather obscure channel (i.e. one that I’d never listened to) and the host was talking.  Normally I would just skip over the blubber and go to the next channel, but for some reason I stopped.  And I heard the most…intriguing “love” story.

The radio station in question apparently asked their listeners to write in about how they met their significant others; they were especially looking for stories that were like Hallmark Channel Original Movie quality.  So this woman wrote in about how her brother had texted her a “dirty message.”  I’m not entirely sure what that means, but this woman decided to forward it to her friend but got her friend’s number wrong by one digit.  Then, the number she sent it to called her, and it was a man on the end.  So this woman was freaking out and was like “I’m so sorry, I meant it to sent that to someone else,” and this guy was just like, “The message was so rude, I just wanted to know who it was from.”  And they spent the rest of the night talking on the phone.  Then he called her like every night and they would chat. They finally met in person and have been together ever since.

That’s like a romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams or Sandra Bullock…with Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Grant.  Any time I text the wrong number (by accident…ahem), I usually get ignored or a reply of “wrong number.”

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