Day Road Trip.

My day started with my dad driving down to Cape Cod, my mom in the passenger’s seat, and me sitting behind them in one of the middle bucket seats of our SUV.  “Phillip, can you get me a drink for the cooler?” asks my mom.  I oblige, and climb like a spy into the back to lean over into the trunk.  We’re at a red light, waiting to turn onto the highway, and I’m hanging like a monkey into the trunk, trying to pull out three sodas from the cooler.  It really wasn’t graceful…at all.  I look up, and the guy in the car behind us is staring at me, smirking. Well, this is awkward, I think, but then I climb back to my seat.

We finally make it down to the Cape area (I don’t know the exact name of the town, I wasn’t really paying attention…clearly) and we pull into a McDonalds to use the restroom and regroup.  Then, this EMT guy comes out of McDonalds and holds up the food to the other guy in the ambulance, who shouts, rather aggressively, “AW YEAH!”  And I get the urge to shout “YOU’RE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS!” like a character did in a scene from Nurse Jackie, but the EMT guys look rather mean and giant…so…I mean, if they were that passionate about McDonalds food, can you imagine what they would do to someone being rude to them?

We continue on our journey until we get to the canal in Bourne/Sagamore on the Cape.  Can I just say, there are a freakin’ ton amount of roundabouts in this area.  Like, every five seconds the GPS would say things like “take the third exit in the roundabout.”  It was crazy.  Anyway, so we’re driving on the road parallel to the canal, and we notice these indentations where you could pull over and look out at the canal.  Because it’s such a beautiful day and because I like taking moments like these to just appreciate how beautiful life and nature really can be, I convince my parents to pull the car over.  I get out of the car and walk up the dirt path that leads to train tracks.  Now, where I’m from, most of the train tracks don’t operate
anymore, and they have either turned them into bike paths or have made path near them; the canal on the Cape has a bike path right next to these train tracks.  So, obviously, my mom and I climb onto the tracks when a guy says “be careful, a train just came by twenty minutes ago.”  Well, there goes my plan to lay down on the tracks to recreate Taylor Swift’s single artwork for “Mean.”  Oh well…I didn’t have rope anyway…

After hitting some Christmas Tree Shops (they have a lot of them on the Cape…) and visiting different sites, we make our way home.  Every road trip I take, I make a special playlist.  A lot of them tend to be interactive where I ask my audience (i.e. my family) to listen to original songs and then covers or remixes, and I try to start a spirited conversation about who did it better, etc.  Anyway, my parents and I really got into in on the way home because we started a segment we like to call “Backseat Karaoke,” (something Jimmy Fallon should pick up for the Tonight Show), meaning I sing along to the track from the backseat.  The song I get?  “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain.  Now, if you’re a guy and ever in this situation, you have two options: you either sing this song with passion, especially the line “the best thing about being a woman,” or you just kind of lamely sing along and change it to “I feel like a man.”  So, I went for it, and I had my parents laughing their butts off.  So yeah, backseat karaoke is a thing.  Because I say so.


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