Okay, what is the point of birds? Seriously. All they seem to do is poop on your car, and wake you up at some ungodly hour by chirping to each other. And if you’re trying to grow grass in your lawn and have put down fresh grass seed (like my parents), they will swoop down and eat the seeds. I guess if you’re a Disney princess, they will help you clean and get dressed, but most of us are not Disney princesses. If you’re Harry Potter, they’re can be used as the postal service, but again how many of us got that letter to Hogwarts when we were eleven (by the way, I’m still waiting for my letter…obviously the owl got lost, and it’s just taking them ten years to deliver it to me…).

If you’re wondering, a bunch of birds of all types are living outside my window, and they decide to gossip around 5:30 a.m….every single morning…and it’s driving me crazy.  And, a bird flew right into my head the other day when I was biking.  So….

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