x out June 23rd!!!

If you follow Ed Sheeran on Twitter (@edsheeran), you’ve probably read over the past year about how Ed has been recording his new album.  And that he finished his album.  And that he would release details soon.  Well, he finally did.

Ed Sheeran’s second studio album is entitled x and will be out June 23rd!!!

I like the fact that Ed Sheeran is sticking to a theme for his album titles: his first album was +  and now his second album is x.  I was wondering if he was planning on naming his albums different symbols, kind of like how Adele names her albums after her age (i.e. 19 and 21) [incidentally, I read reports (rumors, rather) that Adele’s new album, which should be out sometime this year, is to be titled 24 or 25, although I did read a quote from Adele that said she wasn’t going to name her third album after her age].  I think giving his albums different symbols like + and x is really cool because it shows there is a link between his albums, but that his music is still growing or expanding.

Sheeran also announced that his first sing is entitled “Sing” and is being released to radio as we speak…but there is no word yet when it will but on iTunes for purchase.

Preview of “Sing:”

In anticipation for x, you should check out Sheeran’s first album, which earned him two Grammy nominations (he was nominated for Song of the Year for “The A Team” and for Best New Artist; he also received a nomination of Album of the Year for being a featured artist on Taylor Swift’s album Red).  Highlights from the album  include “The A Team,” “Lego House,” “Grade 8,” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” (“Lego House” was actually a  #PhillipsSongOfTheDay…check out that here)



x is on iTunes for Preorder!  Check it out here



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