Rocking Out to Finals

I, like the millions of other college students out there, listen to music while I study or do my homework.  However, I’ve noticed recently that if the music has lyrics or some type of vocals that I will probably get distracted.  I’m most productive when I listen to instrumental music, so I created another playlist for all you college students out there studying your brains out for finals.  I recommend anything by the Piano Guys, particularly their “Love Story Meets Viva La Vida” (it’s not on Spotify).  Share what songs get you focused while studying in the comments below!

“Love Story Meets Viva La Vida” by the Piano Guys:

Warning: “Shenzou” from the Gravity soundtrack and “Czárdás” may be too epic for your studying session, depending on what you are studying.

Random last note: I'm currently eating the most disgusting Twizzlers out there: they're these Twizzler Rainbow Twists, and I saw them and I was like "oh, they may be colorful and fun for my study party."  No, they're disgusting.  They're chewier  and stickier than regular Twizzlers (not in a good way) and they have a weird citrus taste to them (but not a good kind of citrus, like an evil, flowery citrus).  So if you're planning on studying with Twizzlers, keep it simple and keep it original.
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