What College Has Done to Me.

Before I was in college I never checked my email.  What was the point?  Like, no one ever emailed me, unless I emailed them.  However, three years into business school later, I check my email like every five minutes.  Seriously.  It’s quite hilarious actually when I don’t check my email, because then I get like twenty-five unread emails, angry group members who are like “why didn’t you respond in time?,” and I find out classes were cancelled after I drove the twenty miles there.

I’m not complaining.  Seriously.  I actually think this has made me more responsible in my duties and more conscious of other people’s time.  But I just think it’s kind of funny how dependent I’ve become to email since starting college.  I’ve even figured out how to route out my email to different inboxes so an email from one particular class or group project will go into one folder, while emails from work will go to another, and so on.  This is me being #efficient and #prepared.

I decided to go to business school because business was the one thing I did not learn about in high school, and I felt I could do anything with a business degree.  Three years later, I have moments where I’ll be driving somewhere or I’ll be talking  to someone and I’ll say/think something business-like and kind of be like “where’d that come from?”  The other day, my parents and I were out shopping and we kept driving past nail salons, and I out of the blue thought “There must be a high demand for nail salons, at least I hope they’re aware of the market they’re in….I wonder if they’ve set up Google Adwords and verified their locations to help them stand out against their competitors.”  Then I stopped, took a moment to realize that I was thinking about what I discussed in my eMarketing class the day before and realize that I know stuff.

When I think about college and my experience thus far, my first inclination is to say I’ve learned nothing; I feel like the same old idiot I was three years ago.  But then I realize I’m really not.  I’ve grown, I’ve matured, I’ve become more confident (I recently just sang a presentation in one of my classes because I thought it would be funny (which it was)…something I would never have done three years ago).  I also check my email a lot more.  But I’ve learned a lot about business and how I would run my own company…I’m not as much of an idiot as I think I am…apparently…



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